Genetic Interpretation


DNA nutrigenomics tests sit at the forefront of personalised medicine, providing insight across the health spectrum for those seeking improved outcomes for their health.

The genetics test is a quick blood spot test that gets processed and results are sent to me within 2-3 weeks.

It is VERY important to have a healthcare provider interpret your genetic test results, translate it in a way that is easy to understand so that you can implement the necessary changes.

What does this look like:

A genetics interpretation is a 60-90 minute appointment to review your genetic test results and assess your body composition via the Inbody Scale. We utilize your DNA along with your primary health concerns and symptoms to create a personalized plan.

You will be provided with specific lifestyle and dietary interventions related to methylation, detoxification, inflammation, oxidative stress, diet, exercise, etc. Your genes are your tendency, not your destiny so with this information you can implement strategies to lead your healthiest life.


DNA Blood spot test consult (No charge)

DNA Test Price: R2350 + 600 for any additional test


DNA Interpretation Price R1220 

60-90 minute consultation and Inbody Assessment


Personalized meal plan : R610