Healthy Homemade Sauces E-book


I get asked so often

  • What healthy sauce can I make to add to my meals?
  • I am struggling to get in my veg, any idea what I can do to improve my intake?

Well, this is your answer! This collection of dietitian-created healthy, homemade sauces will give you plenty of inspiration to make these recipes at home rather than buying them at the store. Each of these recipes uses simple, nutritious ingredients that can add a ton of flavour to a variety of meals. It includes 5 sauces that contain vegetables, herbs and spices, not only to help increase your intake of veg, spice and herbs but also improving your antioxidant intake and helps improve inflammation and so why won’t you add these options to your weekly meal planner!

These sauces are versatile, and SO delicious, add it to pasta’s, curries, 1 pot meals, lasagna’s, fish stews, you name it!

Please note: this does not replace personalized dietetic advice.


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